For the five Sundays before the festival, RAI Radio3 will present a selection of pieces from Helicotrema 2013:

Dear authors,

We thank you all for submitting your sound piece to the Helicotrema festival 2013 open call.

During the selection process we were seeking for audio works with certain qualities related to sound research, field recording and narrative.

Upon those research criteria, the sound pieces that have been selected to be included in the Helicotrema festival are by Anibal Parada and Maria Balabas.
Furthermore, we are planning a special internet listening session, for some of the works that we have received (more info about this soon).

The two selected works will be presented in Roma in a collective audio listening session. This peculiar listening situation was an other aspect that has been considered during the selection process.

The selection was made, after listening to all the submitted pieces, by Blauer Hase, Giulia Morucchio (co-curator of the Helicotrema festival) and Laura Diez Garcia (curator, publisher and co-founder of ANT-espacio collective).

We have been pleased to listen to all the participating contributions and we seek to make this happen again next year.

We thank you, again, for taking part to the open call, and we hope to hear something from you in the future.

All best regards,
Blauer Hase

Blauer Hase announces an open call for the presentation of recorded audio pieces, mono or stereo (2-channel maximum), whose duration doesn’t exceed 10 minutes. The pieces, would have to be based solely on a sound component, and they will be heard by an audience in a single room, from start to finish (as with a film in a cinema projection).

The selected pieces will be presented during the second edition of the Helicotrema festival of audio works. The festival will take place in April 2013 in Rome.

DEADLINE: 10 March 2013.

How to partecipate:

1 - Open an account on

2 - Upload to Soundcloud the content you want to submit to Helicotrema

3 - Search for the group Helicotrema on Soundcloud

4 - Partecipate with your work to the Helicotrema group.

you can start by clicking this link below:

Send us your sounds

for any questions don’t hesitate to write to: