Per le 5 domeniche precedenti al festival, RAI Radio3 presenta in anteprima alcuni dei lavori di Helicotrema 2013:

Blauer Hase announces an open call for the presentation of recorded audio pieces, mono or stereo (2-channel maximum), whose duration doesn’t exceed 10 minutes. The pieces, would have to be based solely on a sound component, and they will be heard by an audience in a single room, from start to finish (as with a film in a cinema projection).

The selected pieces will be presented during the second edition of the Helicotrema festival of audio works. The festival will take place in April 2013 in Rome.

DEADLINE: 10 March 2013.

How to partecipate:

1 - Open an account on

2 - Upload to Soundcloud the content you want to submit to Helicotrema

3 - Search for the group Helicotrema on Soundcloud

4 - Partecipate with your work to the Helicotrema group.

you can start by clicking this link below:

Send us your sounds

for any questions don’t hesitate to write to: