Why Are You Closed [Who Gave You the Rights]
3’04”, 2013


“Why Are You Closed [Who Gave You the Rights]“, the work you created for Helicotrema, can be seen a sort of “modified ready-made”. Could you tell us about the audio materials you used?

It is a quite famous video. You could find a precise description here:
“In 2010, an aging gentleman wanted to shop at Toronto’s Eaton Centre. It was closing (locking down during the G-20 protests). He pounded on the doors and demanded an explanation. Someone, amused, shot him on video. It was later removed but copies have earned millions of views over the last two years.”



Due to the way the voice shouts the words, the work seems to present a political statement. Is that so, or is there an ironic undertone?

I took the audio of that video and, with the help of Giuseppe Ielasi, we added a second channel using the same pitch but modifying the sequence, trying to build a sort of greek chorus who underlines the different parts of the shouted speech of the man.


What role does sound play within your artistic practice and research?

I like to use sounds related to the words and the way in which they are used – shouted, pronounced, whispered, acted … I love their shifty, elusive character.